Tattoo Model Goes Bare Skinned For The Day | TRANSFORMED

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TATTOOIST and model Cigno, from San Francisco has undergone a dramatic body and lifestyle change. After losing 50lbs in weight, she quit her corporate job with eBay in Germany and moved to the US to become a tattoo apprentice. Cigno started getting tattoos and extreme modifications to her body including extensive tattoos all over her head. Describing herself as an androgynous alien, Cigno has over 200 tattoos covering most of her body as well as silicone implants in her forehead and at the base of her throat. Cigno said: “To me tattoos and body mods are about shape shifting and changing your body” and for one day the tattoo model will shape shift back to her former tattooless self. But what will her American friends make of seeing Cigno, who they’ve only known since she was tattooed, bare skinned? After seeing her new ‘old’ self, Cingno said: “From today I learnt it’s good to be reminded where you started from and who I used to be but also it made me realise how much I appreciate my ‘now’ self."
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