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"Don't let oily hair ruin your hairstyles! These simple steps will help you to remove that excess oil from your hair which makes them oily. Try these easy tips and tricks for a quick fix for your greasy hair to have hairstyle-ready hair always! Follow these oily hair hacks.
1) Apply dry shampoo to quickly make them dry looking and less oily, just make sure that you are not often using this trick.
2) You can also apply hand sanitizer, due to its volatile property it removes the oil from your scalp.
3) Or simply you can use tissue paper to wipe off extra oil from your hair and scalp. It is a little time-consuming process but most safe as well.
1) Washing your hair often keeps your scalp clean and prevents excessive oil storage.
2) Apply lemon juice/apple cider vinegar with water and apply before washing your hair with shampoo.
3) Do not touch your hair frequently as they deposit dirt and germs on your scalp.
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